William Mcdowell - William Mcdowell Collection 3 CD SET

William Mcdowell - William Mcdowell Collection 3 CD SET

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“The best you can do is to prepare your heart and be obedient... you have to be willing to become invisible. It’s never about you. Nothing in the service is about you. People aren’t coming to see you. They are coming to experience God.”
With this underlying approach, during 40 days of fasting and prayer prior to the recording, new songs began to emerge. As an example, McDowell points to the song “Withholding Nothing,”

“What started in rehearsal as a way to re-work our song ‘Give Myself Away’ became the title track after the event,” he explains. “As we were singing the chorus of what would become ‘Withholding Nothing,’ the response was overwhelming. The whole evening was like that... at least 45 minutes of the project was unrehearsed.”

Six months later, McDowell finished writing “Withholding Nothing.” And that finished song is now the album’s first radio single and a bonus “radio edit’ track on the CD.

Referring to both the song and the entire recording, McDowell adds, “No one expected that. We just rehearsed and then followed the leading of the Holy Spirit.”

Sounds of Revival Tracklisting:
1. To The Chief Musician
2. Life3. We Just Want You
4. It Is So
5. It Is So (Reprise)
6. Reveal
7. Spirit Break Out
8. Come Like A Rushing Wind
9. Don't Mind Waiting
10. Jesus Is Here
11. Hymn of Praise
12. When You Walk Into the Room
13. Send the Rain
14. Heaven's Open
15. Rain Only Matters

Sounds of Revival II Tracklisting:
1. Prelude To Worship
2. In Your Presence
3. In Your Presence (Reprise)
4. Whisper His Name
5. The Name of the Lord
6. I'm Yours
7. Falling On My Knees
8. You Are Here
9. Sweet Mystery
10. You Are the One
11. Come To Jesus
12. It Is So
13. It Is So (Reprise)

Withholding Nothing Tracklisting:
1. Releasing a Sound
2. Bring me a Minstre
3. Expecting
4. Are You Ready (ft Pablo Villatoro & Aaron Lindsey)
5. Through Christ
6. We Will Prevail
7. Sovereign God
8. When I call Your Name
9. There Is Something About That Name
10. My Heart Sings
11. Can’t Live Without You (ft Nicole Binion)
12. Withholding Nothing Medley (Live)
13. There Is a Sound
14. Withholding Nothing (Radio Version)