William McDowell - Sounds Of Revival Part Two (CD)

William McDowell - Sounds Of Revival Part Two (CD)

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There’s a sound that is being released. A sound that’s available from God for all who are willing to receive.

This sound is for those who come expecting a revival! International Worship Leader and Pastor William McDowell leads listeners to the seat of worship with his latest CD - Sounds of Revival II: Deeper.

Sounds Of Revival II: Deeper is William McDowell’s fifth album and includes the singles, “It Is So” featuring Travis Greene and “In Your Presence” featuring Israel Houghton. Sounds of Revival II: Deeper is a continuation of his 2016 album, Sounds of Revival.

“The album has become the personal soundtrack to my worship experience, and it is my hope that it provokes a personal revival that will translate into a global revival movement,” said William McDowell. Sounds Of Revival II: Deeper is sure to lead his audience into a more intimate encounter with God.

CD Tracklisting:
1. Prelude To Worship
2. In Your Presence (feat. Israel Houghton)
3. In Your Presence (Reprise)
4. Whisper His Name
5. The Name of the Lord
6. I'm Yours (feat. Jonathan Stockstill & Brian Courtney Wilson)
7. Falling On My Knees
8. You Are Here
9. Sweet Mystery (feat. Nicole Binion & Jonathan McReynolds)
10. You Are the One (feat. Charles & Taylor)
11. Come To Jesus (feat. Tina Campbell)
12. It Is So (feat. Travis Greene)
13. It Is So (Reprise)