Seuns Van Sion - Verlustig Jou In Hom CD

Seuns Van Sion - Verlustig Jou In Hom CD

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Jonathan Rubain is a musician who has successfully managed to captivate both Gospel and Jazz audiences at full house concerts all over the country. His many fans love him for his music and constantly praise him for his commitment to his community. Even though he has received widespread radio play for Cape Jazz, RnB and many other genres, deep inside he considers himself a Pinkster Seun.

Born in Hanover Park, gospel and jazz musician, Jonathan Rubain, walked away with the Best Male Artist Award at the Victory Gospel Music Awards in 2016. He also has hosted and organised on a number of shows in Hanover Park, such as the Hanover Park Jazz Festival.

He has also produced a local version of Hanover Park’s Got Talent, and has sold more than 10 000 copies of his first album and DVD.

Music runs in his family too. His uncle, David Rubain, played saxophone for Abdullah Ibrahim many years ago. Jonathan's love for music has afforded him the opportunity to travel and he has performed in US, Norway, France, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and in South Africa.

“As five successful solo musicians, we saw the need for a new musical sounds as an all-male gospel music group. We have been working hard with writing and producing new music and have been recording in studio over the past few months.

We can’t wait to share it with the world,” says Rubain.
Seuns van Sion, whom Rubain bills as “The Boyz II Men of gospel”, has released their debut album Verlustig Jou in Hom.

CD Tracklisting

  1. Verlustig Jou in Hom

  2. My Toekoms
  3. Liefdevol
  4. Net Goedheid en Guns
  5. Net Alleen die Bloed

  6. Lelie van die Dale

  7. Kom na Jesus toe

  8. Nuwe Jesusalem

  9. Jesus Verbaas My

  10. Genade Genoeg

  11. Die Kruis

  12. Africa is Waiting Medley