Sello Malete  - Wa Tshepahala - (Live In Vereeniging) (DVD)

Sello Malete - Wa Tshepahala - (Live In Vereeniging) (DVD)

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This live 16 tracks DVD with audience is relevant to
people who have been disappointed, neglected, hurt
and rejected. At the same time, it brings back a peace
of mind, total healing, unconditional love, forgiveness
and hope to those who are hopeless. This DVD is
produced by Sello Malete and Oupa Montsiwagae. The
title track, track no 2 was composed by Sello Malete. WA
TSHEPAHALA meaning He is faithful. One of the songs on
this DVD HALEPHIRIMILE is already boasting with more
than 500 000 views on you tube performed by Sello
Malete. Following in his father's footsteps the late gospel
legend Sammy Malete, Sello Malete recorded a medley
of his father’s songs as an honour to him and the legacy
he left for him, that's track no 3, 4 & 5. These are heartwarming
hymns for the old and new generation and
praise or dance songs for the new generation as well.

This DVD contains Zulu, English and Sesotho songs. This is
a must have, WA TSHEPAHALA, indeed God has been