Praise Peterson - Songs From Heaven (CD)

Praise Peterson - Songs From Heaven (CD)

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Born in Mutare, Zimbabwe he started singing at a very young age and that later developed into song writing. Launched his music career in the church singing as a worship leader for many years.

He worked for the famous Nigerian born Jazz guitarist Kunle Ayo as his studio sound engineer. There he got a chance to brush shoulders with Judith Sephuma, Asanda Bam, Vicky Vilakazi, Babsy Mlangeni, KB, Bianca LeGrange, Michael Bolton, ASA & many others. From there he went on to work in Braamfontein at Turbo Lounge Studios were he got a chance to work with top producer Lawrence Matshiza on Nomfundo Dlamini’s album that was nominated for a Metro FM award. Other upcoming artists he has worked with are Tumelo Matlala(Crown Gospel Award Nominee) & Yamkela Kiviet (Ingoma Award Winner).

He took a break from studio production in 2003 to focus on re-inventing and repackaging himself as a Solo Artist. Now, back as a Solo artist he is releasing his first single “Wait in Jerusalem” followed up by the“Songs from Heaven” album. His influence is Contemporary / Afro Pop / Rock / Indie / Worship / Gospel Music. Plays acoustic guitar which he uses a lot to write & compose his material. He is married to Angel Peterson and has three wonderful kids Sbusiso, Nelly & Israel

1. Let Me Go
2. The Spirit Song
3. Wait in Jerusalem
4. Emmanuel
5. Heaven Is Open
6. Wait in Jerusalem (Live)
7. Jesus the Boss
8. Run
9. No Limits
10. Water=Wine
11. Goodu Goodu
12. Daddy O
13. Overflowing