Mnqobi Nxumalo - My Side Of The View (CD)

Mnqobi Nxumalo - My Side Of The View (CD)

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Mnqobi Nxumalo, a young, vibrant and purpose driven singer, composer, producer and performer, born and bred in Empangeni KZN under the loving care of her mother, 2 sisters and cousins. His musical journey embarked at a very tender age. He is a self-taught pianist and beat maker. After matriculating he pursued his Diploma in Sound Engineering and further went to work for SABC as a qualified radio technician. During his work at SABC he then decided to professionally embark on his musical journey and recorded his very first Gospel album titled, “He’s a wonder” that he produced and mastered himself with the help of some of his upcoming friends. “He’s a wonder” had a number of hits that took those who landed their hands on it by storm with songs written and some re-arranged by him and released under former management Bootleggers Production.

He has worked with a number of both local and international artists. He holds himself a signature sound that has never been imagined or possibly heard before, giving birth to a refreshing perspective of musical praise and worship. He is currently a member of one of the biggest choirs in Africa, Joyous Celebration, as a vocalist, song writer and arranger, having written 2 hit songs in Joyous 20 titled “Bengingazi” and “Grateful”. The eagerly anticipated album coming up titled “My side of the view” is releasing on the 3rd of July. He has now ventured into the world of TV presenting with WOW TV and still holds a professional position as a Technical news editor at SABC. He best describes his music genre as “contemporary, urban and neo-soul gospel with a classical feel”. With his amazing talents he takes praise and worship to newer, dynamic heights, lifting and healing the spirits of many in song.


1. Gcobani
2. The greatest

3. You are high

4. Ebukhoneni

5. Yek ‘ubuhle

6. Here I come

7. He’s worthy


9. Kea o rorisa
10. Kolungiswa nguwe
11. Kolungiswa nguwe (Reprise)
12. Total Praise
13. Bengingasi
14. Umthandazo Wami
15. Bayede Bayede
16. Baydede Bayede (Reprise)