Jonathan McReynolds - Life Music: Stage Two (CD)

Jonathan McReynolds - Life Music: Stage Two (CD)

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From the moment he first shared his music, writing his debut album Life Music as a college student, Jonathan McReynolds has burst onto the scene as one of the freshest voices in music today, building a rising tide of acclaim from fans of all ages and peers across genres, from Gospel to Christian, R&B/Soul artists and more. Hailed for his inspiring messages, his far-reaching talents and musicianship as a young singer-songwriter and compelling live performer, McReynolds will release his sophomore album Life Music: Stage Two.

Jonathan McReynolds says, “I wrote my first album as a college student. This second album,as a college teacher. My life has changed – different pressures, more revelation, more musical ideas. The one thing that hasn’t: my approach to songwriting. Still aiming to be transparent and genuine. Message first.”

In minutes Jonathan McReynolds has the ability to captivate any room and make the music pierce the heart of all those who are listening! With an unforgettable sound and soul-stirring lyrics, McReynolds has impacted audiences worldwide. His sophomore release is a genuine extension from his debut release “Life Music”. Featuring 13 songs that focus on motivation and maintaining, Life Music: Chapter Two delivers a memorable experience.“Life Music: Stage Two” encompasses songs like the up-tempo tune “Gotta Have You”, “Whole”, a lyrical serenade featuring GRAMMY® Award-winner India Arie, and “All Things Well”, a seamless Sunday morning worship song featuring Israel Houghton

1. Got my Love
2. Gotta Have You
3. Whole (feat. India Arie)
4. Maintain (feat. Chante Cann)
5. Pressure
6. Christ Representers
7. The Way
8. Full Attention
9. Limp
10. Oh!
11. Stay High (feat. Derek Minor)
12. All Things Well (feat. Israel Houghton)
13. Jesus (feat. Corey Barksdale)