Henry Pike - Altyd Daar (CD)

Henry Pike - Altyd Daar (CD)

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God is love. I learned that love is a noun and not just an emotion. Eight months before I was relocated for work to a place I never heard about, God already spoke to someone through a thought to move to that remote place. His words to her was:

“Pack up and move to the place I will show you, because in eight months there will come four young men, one is called for full time ministry.”

She promised to be available as an instrument for Him. She battled for eight months with the idea that maybe she heard wrong, but she heard right. Four of us moved in next to her eight months later and with her help I heard God’s voice through my rejection, addictions and brokenness and started following Him. God showed His immense love for us through His action of sending His Son Jesus. His grace and love gave me life, while His resurrection gave me the promise that I can be like Him. To God all the Glory and to His ‘sons’ that put their faith into action, even if it cost them a price, I say thank you so much, because such a person in the hand of God changed my life.

CD Tracklisting:
1.This is Amazing Grace
2.Ek Weet
3. Altyd Daar
4. He Knows
5.Promised Land
6.Die Koning Kom
7.Stand by Me
8.Die Kruis
9.U is Koning
10.You Fight for Me
11.Your Grace