Gugulethu Nkutha - The Things She Remembered (PB)

Gugulethu Nkutha - The Things She Remembered (PB)

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The things she remembered wasn’t what haunted her, nor was it that she couldn’t exactly remember every detail of that night, for she wanted it buried. What troubled her most was meeting others like her who had done worse, but who didn’t regret what they had done; actually they’d do it again if given the chance. She learned that they have come to terms with facing and living with their tormenting nightmares every minute and hour of each day.

It was in that moment of her last push as she eagerly awaited her unborn twins, that in the moment of birth, the death of her childhood would haunt her again; the one secret which could kill all. She was trying to breathe and was pleading for her life to come back while she heard the many voices from afar. She wanted to have another chance to do right but it kept slipping away from her.

The book stands to bring to the fore the numerous tragedies carried by many, experiences we feel ashamed of, mostly thinking we are the only ones in that situation. It is a story of self forgiveness and restoration not for others, but to ourselves. The deathly silence in the room forces us to simply look in the mirror and realise that it’s all in us; we are not born and forgotten.

About the Author-

Gugulethu Nkutha is a self-published African author, born and raised in the South African townships, Tsakane and Kwa-Thema. She is a dynamic woman, who loves her life as a woman, mother of two and wife. She is a sister to many and a true activist for God and the freedom that comes with Him for His people.

This is Gugulethu - on a mission to reach all and tell it all.

Boasting a successful 17-years in corporate marketing and 10 years in executive trailblazing decisions., she takes on a new chapter in her life as she expresses intimate parts of her life, her experiences with people, and powerful encounters with God.

The things she remembered is her first published book in 2018.