Deitrick Haddon - Masterpiece (CD)

Deitrick Haddon - Masterpiece (CD)

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Jump starting the year with Stellar Award Wins as 2015 Male Vocalist of the Year and Choir of the Year (LXW), Deitrick Haddon returns to the forefront with what is being heralded as his “greatest work to date”. Aptly entitled, Masterpiece, the album was inspired by Deitrick’s personal moments of reflection…

As Deitrick shared, “It struck me that, if we looked at our lives from God’s perspective and saw each other the way HE sees us, we would recognize that we are each beautiful reflections of HIS work. Our good, bad, and ugly are woven together to create works of art, each one being a Masterpiece.”

An artful fusion of tempos, melodies and rhythms, the album features a host of music producers whose credits include: Tyrese, Mary Mary, Jill Scott, Boney James, Rasaan Patterson and Anthony Hamilton. Guest features on the album include U.K based Gospel Rap artist Guvna B, Jamacian Dancehall artist Sherwin Gardner and DJ Nicholas!

CD Tracklisting:
1. Be Like Jesus
2. Testify
3. Do It For Love
4. Playtime Is Over Intro (Interlude)
5. Walls Are Coming Down
6. Masterpiece
7. Sinners
8. Running
9. Perfect Storm
10. Lay It Down
11. Restore Me Again
12. Under Control
13. Work Of Art (Interlude)
14. The Jesus Anthem
15. On The Way
16. Got A Feeling