Alexis Spight - Dear Diary (CD)

Alexis Spight - Dear Diary (CD)

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Alexis Spight, with her Fiery red hair and golden voice, was a favorite of both the judges and audience during Season Five of BET’s Sunday Best. While she came up just short of the crown in the 2012 gospel competition, the 20-year- old singer/songwriter is still a winner.

Alexis has a musical style that is as unique and eclectic as her look, and that is by design. “My style is for everyone, but specially for those who are different, those who some would consider outcasts at church or even by society,” she says. Her new release “Dear Diary” is a collection of songs that tell about her everyday walk through life. Her single “All The Glory” is a song of surrender and praise has been a constant top 10 single at Gospel radio. Other featured tunes include “All The Glory”, “Safe House”, “It Will Be Alright” and “I’m Amazed”.

Alexis believes her music and her look may attract people to God who might not feel like they belong in more traditional church settings. “The gospel music industry has to use different methods to get different results. Adding music and musicians with a sense of uniqueness can get those souls who are unique. I’m just trying to do what the Bible says - go out and compel men.”

CD Tracklisting:
1. New School Twang
2. I’m Blessed
3. I Believe
4. It Will Be Alright
5. Prayer Can do
6. All the Glory
7. Safe House
8. Don’t Worry
9. Drop That
10. Only Jesus
11. Friend
12. Your Award